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Dearest Family and Friends,

I’ve been working on a personal project for some time and it is ready to print:

A picture book featuring a Korean-American family celebrating one of their favorite holidays and enjoying the love and fun of that event.

Initially, this book was made as a gift for my nieces and nephews, because there are not many children’s books that reflect what our childhood looked like in our Korean-American cultural context. But by no means is this only for other Koreans. In sharing my story, I hope that any reader could feel like they were invited to my home for an afternoon among friends. At times, it seems as though a lot of content out there has given more fuel for enmity between races, so I feel that any literature that encourages empathy and understanding, especially in children, would be a worthwhile effort.

So in loving my neighbor, I want to share this book with you!

I’ve partnered with my friend David Pat at Renewal and they are going to help me publish my book. We’re hoping to raise $6,000 for this book project and your donation will help us give out free copies and funding to underserved communities.

<<UPDATE December 2020>>

We have reached our fundraising goal! We are still giving wherever we can and are now supporting orphanages in Indonesia with your help and support.

Would you like a copy (Google Form)? (on a “pay what you are willing to donate”-basis)

Please feel free to donate online!


Checks to be made out to:
Renewal Missions
7180 Shoreline Dr., Unit 5209
San Diego, CA 92122

Or Venmo @RenewalMissions

(Renewal Missions is a registered 501c3 and your donation is tax-deductible

Thank you for supporting us!


David Pat is the founder of Renewal Missions. His life passion is to see communities connected and growing. His work as a missionary has taught him that Jesus is calling the church to work in greater cooperation. His team is committed to publishing books and leading teams to areas that areas that are in the greatest need of cultural and civic healing.
“I am passionately working towards seeing a Jesus following movement among orphans and the disabled. Through sharing the Gospel, providing employment and mentorship, I believe that we can see lives changed. “